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  • How Gamification is enhancing performance management systems.

    Amogh Kamath

    Founder @Up Your Game

    Published on July 29, 2018

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    Gamification is simply using the mechanics and thought processes used when playing a video game but in real-life situations. (e.g. Work atmosphere) The process of gamification is generally used in areas of a business such as training, learning the scope of one's duties, motivating labour forces, and recruiting new hires in the hopes of being more engaging and enabling problem-solving skills.

    A Gallup research study that was released in April of 2012 stated that less than one out of ten employees, on average, express actual engagement when it comes to their jobs. The remaining employees stated that they were either not engaged, or actively engaged, although the actively engaged employees numbered far smaller than the not engaged. The study also stated that employees being actively disengaged are expressing the most harmful style of being disengaged. The primary prerogative of gamification is to take the mechanics of game design and use them to improve the experience of employees in the hopes of bringing about more engagement.

    The primary key factoring into the success of gamification is the addiction it becomes, as any gamer will know. Some of the advantages that make gamification a necessity are how it encourages the users to engage, stay that way, and interact with their peers, creating camaraderie.

    Quite a few organizations are currently using gamification to increase workforce efficacy, improve individual employee skills, find solutions for convoluted issues, and recruit new talent. Typical design techniques, when it comes to video games, is the setting of goals, some competition, live, real-time feedback, and a reward system.

    How Does It Work?

    The efficacy of Gamification comes from the utilization of competitive streaks among peer groups as we engage in gaming. Most individuals become more focused, engaged, and absorbed in the task at hand. Studies have shown that when using Gamification, employees feel a grander sense of achievement, and therefore they'll do more than less motivated counter-parts. Even if it's simply completing more training programs, helping fellow employees, or completing their tasks quicker.

    How Can I Use Gamification?

    One way, for certain, is using Gamification in your recruiting and acclimating new hires to your company. Many companies have already had immense success in using the process of Gamification in these spheres of their organization, with enormous results to prove it.

    Another method is using Gamification to share the knowledge of your company, and therefore develop your brand further. Quite a few companies have also turned their training into MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) games with real-world context, with bring about cohesion amongst peer groups in the work environment.

    Studies have also shown that Gamification helps with engaging employees at all levels and assists in retaining knowledge and information amongst users. It is especially effective in modifying and adapting employee behaviour. Not only that, but it invokes a sense of competition, and as we all know, a little healthy competition never hurt anyone, and it can actually improve performance and productivity.

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