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  • Executives: Make Your Team and Business Better With People Analytics

    Amogh Kamath

    Founder @Up Your Game

    Published on May 17, 2018

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    In the past, people analytics was not a universally accepted method for enhancing business practice. However, as the years have gone on, more and more companies are realizing the efficacy of people analytics, and what it can do to make a business successful. What was once thought of as a time sink is now considered perhaps the most important aspect of creating the most powerful team. Let’s take a look at how people analytics can help boost your talent pool.

    More Numbers, Better Understanding

    Just think about it: if you think your team is slacking, what is the best way to figure out where the problem is? The answer is people analytics. Tracking your team’s numbers allows you to see who’s doing what, and how well. This is the quickest and most efficient way to weed out the low-output workers while keeping the best.

    Often, when there is a lack of data, problems in a company are very difficult to pinpoint. This leads to a lot of finger pointing and blaming. People get emotional. Fortunately, numbers don’t get emotional. You can get down to the real issues without any nonsense.

    One great way to get a real pulse on your team’s performance is to conduct employee surveys. This gets direct feedback on core issues straight from the source. However, the realm of people analytics is growing beyond this, and there are some great advances being made that can enhance your company even further.

    The Future of People Analytics

    While the field has been growing steadily, a new trend has formed that will soon prove to be the most pivotal aspect of people analytics. This trend is the area of predictive analytics, which uses the power of software to produce data.

    The key here is taking emotions completely out of the process. With artificially intelligent software that makes real-time decisions based on a constant stream of data from every source a business has to offer, you can completely optimize your talent and business decisions. You can say goodbye to those nagging questions like “are we paying our top performers enough?” or “are we making the most out of our time?”.

    With predictive analytics, not only can you have a daily report of your workforce performance, but you can know what you’ll look like ahead of time. This is an incredibly powerful tool because it allows you to make changes weeks or months ahead of time. That kind of power is enough to make or break a company. That’s the very reason that any company worth its salt is moving in this direction. Unfortunately, those companies and executives that haven’t yet embraced new software for people analytics are falling behind.

    Go With the Future

    If you are an executive and your company has recently taken advantage of people analytics, congratulations on taking control and getting things moving in the right direction. Within months, you will see positive results. As your company takes on this incredible tool, you may even delve into the cutting edge of people analytics: predictive and artificial intelligence.

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